In the coming weeks you will notice an expansion of the content of this blog to focus on additional issues of concern to employers and those addressing workforce/personnel issues.  The blog will still provide updates on immigration compliance but will expand to include privacy-related issues. For instance, you may see a posting about background checks and the use of criminal history records for employment screening or about Ban the Box initiatives which seek to remove from the job application the question about arrests or convictions.  I hope you will benefit from the expansion of this blog and I would appreciate your feedback to  In case you are wondering if Montserrat is a male or female name, click here.

Thank you for joining me for the launch of this blog.  As I pondered over what to say to kick things off I thought about the many things I could opine about when it comes to immigration — how dysfunctional the system has become, how the states are running amuck with their own immigration measures, how a one page form called the Form I-9 can be so complicated, and so on.  But these are really weighty issues which I’ll address in the coming months and for a welcome posting I thought I’d keep it short and sweet and leave you with this thought for all you cat and dog owners — as Puss said in Puss in Boots to the outlaw Jill as she was about to unceremoniously throw him over the cliff:  “Is it true a cat always lands on its feet?”  To which Puss responds, “No, that is just a rumor spread by dogs!”   Food for thought next time your cat falls off the kitchen countertop.