Here’s a free webinar that will snap you out of your deep despair over the fact that it is now dark at 5:02 pm.

I will join Hire Image CEO, Christine Cunneen, to present a 1 hour webinar packed with actionable information and best practices to help you:
  • Minimize the risk associated with background screening

On Tuesday the 29th of September, at 2 pm EST, I will conduct a free webinar entitled “I-9 and E-Verify Best Practices for a Legal Workforce”.  The webinar is directed to HR professionals and others involved in the new hire onboarding process as well as the continuing employment of individuals.  The webinar will provide practical

On Wednesday the 16th, at 2 pm EST, I will conduct a free webinar  entitled, “Crucial Steps to FCRA Compliant Background Checks: Is Your Company Compliant?”  The webinar is directed toward employers who request and use background checks from private background screening companies and will walk listeners through compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting

I will be conducting a free webinar tomorrow on the Form I-9 and E-Verify and compliance with the immigration laws.  To view the webinar brochure click here.

Topics will include best practices for Form I-9 compliance, tips for completing the “Not So New Anymore” Form I-9, how to avoid getting caught in the anti-discrimination