If you are attending the NAPBS Mid-Year Legislative and Regulatory Conference in Washington, DC please join me and my colleague Henry Perlowski for our Monday afternoon session — Ban the Box Measures and their Impact on Background Screeners and Employers.

Henry and I co-chair Arnall Golden Gregory’s Background Screening Practice Group.  This session will cover Ban the Box measures at the state and federal level and the impact of these measures on background screeners and employers. Topics discussed will include who (public/private) is affected by these measures; the onboarding and job application process; and what, when, and where multistate companies can ask questions about criminal arrests and convictions. The session will cover federal/EEOC guidance and state and local requirements and potential discriminatory concerns associated with considering criminal arrest and conviction records in the hiring process.

Also, earlier in the day my colleague Kevin Coy will participate on a panel entitled, How “Safe” is the EU U.S. Safe Harbor Program.  Which will focus on the European Union/U.S. Safe Harbor Program which is one means that can be used by background screeners and others to transfer personal information from the European Union and certain other countries to the United States. This session will provide an overview of the Safe Harbor program and its requirements; discuss the Federal Trade Commission’s role in the enforcement of Safe Harbor; and provide an update on the status of negotiations between the EU and the Department of Commerce over the future of the Safe Harbor program.