Join us tomorrow for DPRCRA Live: Privacy at MidYear to learn about the latest developments in the privacy field. Tomorrow’s webinar is another in a series of webinars hosted by my firm, Arnall Golden Gregory LLP, and the Privacy & Consumer Regulatory Practice Group.  This month we will review and discuss some of the biggest events that have occurred in the privacy field to date in 2014.  This webinar will cover the following major events and developments:

  • The FTC’s new Data Broker Report;
  • Wyndham and LabMD – the battle over the FTC’s authority;
  • Updates on data privacy in the European Union and the “right to be forgotten”;
  • EU Safe Harbor;
  • The FTC Spring Privacy Series, including discussions on: mobile device tracking and alternative scoring products;
  • Debt collection in light of the FTC’s settlement with Consumer Portfolio Services; and
  • An update on the past six months on Capitol Hill.

Join AGG Privacy attorneys Montserrat Miller, Joseph Rubin, Kevin Coy and Kelly Gordon Zemil for this one-hour, complimentary webinar. A live Q&A session will follow the discussion.

To Register please click this link.